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Online Registration for the IEEF General Assembly and Meeting 2019

Booking of this GA will be performed in two steps:

  1. Fill out and save all relevant information
  2. Finalize booking - this step sends the binding booking to the youth hostel

Registration Step 1: Fill out and save

Please fill out the fields below to register for IEEF General Assembly and Meeting as well as the Sex Ed - Family Life Education - European Talks (FLEET) Workshop.2019.
The GA will be held in Cologne, Germany from October 4 - October 6, 2019

Registration for the General Assembly 2019 must be submitted by each person attending at the latest by July 15, 2019.

Fields in bold face must be filled out. Please make sure you have javascript enabled for this form

Javascript must be enabled to submit a registration.
First Name Last Name
City and Zip Code
Country Telephone

Workshops, Presentations and Comments
I want to participate in a workshop:
I want to give a short report (max. 5-10 min.)
of my organization's current activities:
Please enter special comments here and whether you want to contribute to the NFP method comparison session.
If you want to contribute, please specify the method your organization teaches and who developed the method.
We will get in touch with you for details on the session.

Excursion on the Rhine River
An excursion with a boat is planned for Sunday morning after mass.
Please indicate whether you would like to participate.
I want to join the boat trip:

Travel and Arrival Information
Detailed travel information is not required for registration. Nevertheless your date of arrival and of departure is mandatory. So please choose your type of travel now. It is possible to update your registration with travel details later on. You will receive an email with instructions.
Means of travel
Originating Airport
Travelling via:
Flight Information:
Flight NumberDateTime in 24 hour format
e.g. 17:15
Travelling from:
Travelling via:
Travelling to:
Train Information:
DateTime in 24 hour format; e.g. 17:15

Accomodation and Meals
Your room and meals at the youth hostel will be booked through the IEEF system for you by e-mail.
For the youth hostel booking only one of the room mates must perform the room and youth hostel booking in step 2. Indicate here, who will be responsible for booking the room.
Youth hostel booking:
Please specify your preferred language for communication with the youth hostel.
If you are sharing a room, specify your room mates name and if he or she lives at a different address, also specify the address.
Please specify your preferred language:
Please specify the type of room you prefer:
I am sharing my room with:
Please specify your room mate's full name and address
Meals: (Costs: 7 EUR per meal)
Thursday  dinner
Friday lunch dinner
Saturday lunch dinner
Sunday lunch
Please enter here whether you or your room mate require a special diet (vegetarian, food intolerances, allergies, etc.) or if you have special requirements for your stay in the youth hostel (e.g. different travel dates etc.)

Indicate the special requirements for you and your room mate individually:
I am sharing my room with:
Please make sure your room mate knows your special diet requirements.

Financial support

Please specify if you need financial support to attend the meeting or
if you can give support to a member of IEEF who needs financial support.
Please also specify the amount you need or can give.

Support: amount EUR

IEEF / EIFLE, President of PERLE e.V., Birkenholz 27, 85567 Grafing, Germany