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Congress Theme: "Humanae Vitae: a topical and prophetic Encyclical Letter"

The congress was hosted by the following organizations
  • Catholic University Sacro Cuore in Rome
  • Conferderazione Italiana Centri Regonlazione Naturale Fertilità
  • Institute Giovanni Paolo II
  • Institute Européen d’Education Familiale (IEEF)

About 500 participants from all over Europe came together to listen to high quality talks on the subject. Topics covered in the program included: family life, Natural Family Planning, belief and values within the family.

Almost all speakers dealt with the central aspect of "Hunanae Vitae", the procreation of human life emphasizing the aspect that fertility must not be manipulated by man.

The theme of the congress, referring to "Humanae Vitae" as prophetic, was chosen for several reasons. "Humanae Vitae" is the safeguard for human society (Cafarra). The recognition that the human person is body and spirit, both avoids the separation of sexuality and reproduction, pleasure and interpersonal communication, love and procreation. Among other things it was stated that on the 10th anniversary of "Humanae Vitae" the first in-vitro conceived child Louise Brown was born. Today the separation of the aspect of fertility from sexuality has become routine due to the use of contraception, sperm banks and advanced infertility and reproductive technology including in-vitro fertilization with all the moral issues involved. A question pointed out is for example the absence of the biological father, which can have severe identity problems for the child due to the fact that his personal family history is kept concealed. These are amoung others some of the reasons why "Humanae Vitae" is so progressive.

Amoung the outstanding speakers of the conference were Card. C. Caffarra, Mon. L. Melina, M. Barbato, R. Eccochard, Ma Luisa di Pietro, Juan José Pérez-Soba and Ferrara.

All presentations will be collected and published in a book.

On Saturday morning Holy Mass was celebrated by Cardinal Card. Tarcisio BERTONE for all congress participants in St. Peter's Basilica. After Holy Mass participants had the opportunity to visit the Papal Crypt.

The lecture Card. Caffara held is available here:
Lecure of Card. Caffara on 'Humanae Vitae: relevance of an Encyclical letter'

Program of the Congress
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