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1.Scientific Sessions on Saturday, June, 26th, 2004
Anthropological and Philosophical Aspects of NFP
Session I: European NFP and Family life education teaching programmes
Chairmen: C.Norman, P.Hernelsteen
9.00Key lecture: Family life education
Beatrice Lassallette
9.30 Cycle Show – A new concept for sexual education of young girls
Tatjana Barras-Kubski
9.50 From Theory to Practice – How the Evaluation has influenced the new German NFP Teacher Training Curriculum Petra Klann-Heinen
10.10 Coffee break
Session II: New aspects of Reproductive Endocrinology important for NFP NFP Chairmen: M.Menarguez, R.Ecochard
10.40 Key lecture:
New Aspects of Reproductive Endocrinology
Dr. Christian Gnoth
11.10 NFP meets gynaecological endocrinology – first results and case reports reports...... from a pilot study at the University of Heidelberg
Dr. Petra Frank-Herrmann
11.30 Natural fertility and the management of infertility
Dr. Christian Gnoth
Session III: New Technologies and NFP computer programmes,
new NFP methods
Chairmen: A. Devos, U.Sottong
11.50 Key lecture:
New Technologies, NFP computer programs and new methods
Prof. Dr. G. Freundl
12.20 The Two Day Method: A new, effective natural family planning option
Dr. Marcos Arevalo
12.40 Safety, efficacy and length of abstinent period in fertility computers and the sympto-thermal method
Dr. Peter Kern
13.00 CLER on-line A.Archambault
13.20 Intervention : How a good abstract for a scientific presentation has to be structured
Members of the scientific committee
13.40 Lunch time
Session IV:Cervical mucus / sperm interaction /new research projects and and further topics
Chairmen: E.Coll, M.Guy, E.Svedas
14.40 Keylecture:
Markers of fertility and their scientific reability
Prof. Dr. R.Ecochard
15.00 Study of cervical mucus under scanning electron mycroscopy
Dr. M. Menarguez
15.20 Family Planning by Means of Breastfeeding: factors which influence its duration
Dr. Egle Markuniene
15.40 The Integration of Fertility Awareness Programmes into Women’s
Health Service
Dr. Ursula Sottong
16.00 Emergency contraception
Dr. Andres Devos
16.20 Coffee break
Session V: NFP Education and Outreach: public-private partnership; NFP in schools/universities
Chairmen: H.Goszczinska, M.Aravelo
16.50 Key lecture:
NFP in Lithuania. Historical and sociological perspective.
Nijole Liobikiene
17.10 Teaching NFP at the university. Our experience in Spain
E. Coll
17.30 Teaching of fertility awareness methods on nursing and midwifery courses in the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences at the University School of Medicine in Lublin – beginning, present state, future
Dr. Edyta Galeziowska
17.50 NFP – quo vadis? Attemp at a definition of the present situation and future outlook.
Dr. Siegfried Baur
18.10 End of session
Session VI: Family Life Education: psychological/sociological aspects of NFP;
couple relationships; youth education of sexuality and values
Chairmen: T.Fekete, G.Vaitoska
14.40 Keylecture:
Integrity and/or Convenience? Psychological dimensions of the NFP-experience
Martos Tamas
15.10 NFP and quality of married life: challenges and directions for future research
Karel D. Skocovsky
15. 30 Moral and Anthropological Difference between Periodic Continence and Contraception
Agne Sirinskiene
15.50 The knowledge of NFP methods in chosen group of engaged couples
16.20 Coffee break
Chairmen: F.Pinguet, K.Tuerk
16.50 You and me, a wonder! M.Raick-van Egten
17.10 Overall marital satisfaction, sexuality and religiosity in users of the sympto- thermal method of NFP: preliminary results
Karel D. Skocovsky
17.30 Fertility awareness a way of life
A. Saulauskiene
17.50 Family planning and informed consent
18.10 End of session
Session VII:Laboratory investigation. Modifications of sympto-thermal method
Chairmen: P.Frank – Hermann, P.Kern
16.50 CAMEN Simptotermal Method: a real possibility to offer two choices,
for spacers and limiters, to identify the fertile window.
17.10How to help women in premenopausal time, using specific CAMEN Sympto-thermal method charting.
17.30 Oral contraceptives and women’s cardiovascular health
Dr. E.Svedas
17.50 Urinary LH detection reduces the abstinence period in Natural Family Planning (NFP)
Ml. Curriá? (do not have guaranties, that lecturer will come)
18.10 End of session
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