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Presentations on Friday, June, 25th, 2004
8.00 Registration
9.00 Official Opening (Archbishop, representatives of municipality, universities)
Chairmen: I.Ecochard, K.Pukelis, V.Rudzinskas
9.30 Understanding Fertility Quiz by P.Frank-Herrmann, short NFP presentation by C.Norman
10.10 Why use NFP?
Prof. P. Benoit
10.40 Efficacy of NFP
Prof. G.Freundl
11.00 -11.30 Coffee break
Chairmen: C.Norman, B.Obeleniene, M.Barbato
11.30 Human sexuality is a good of the human person Rev. dr.A. Narbekovas (Lithuania)
12.00 Preparation for family life and fertility awareness Prof. K.Pukelis (Lithuania)
12.30 What is EIFLE and what does it do? I.Ecochard / E.Feketene
12.50 Lithuania and EIFLE V.Rudzinskas
Chairmen: E.Coll, G.Freundl, E.Feketene
14.30 Fertility awareness – educologists’ view. B. Obeleniene (Lithuania)
14.50 Fertility on-line U.Sottong / A.Archambault/ P.Hernalsteen
15.30 Coffee break
Chairmen: U.Sottong, H.Hurzeler, A.Devos
16.00 Three phases in the cycle: paradigm shift
Prof. R.Ecochard
16.30 New approaches to the management of the infertile couple
17.00 Case Studies – NFP in everyday situations
E.Feketene, P.Frank-Herrmannn, C.Norman
17.30 End of day
IEEF / EIFLE, 6 La Clairiere, 69540 Irigny, France