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Workshops and Welcome Party on Thursday, June, 24th, 2004  
Workshop topics and leaders  
1. European NFP Teacher Training Curriculum Ursula Sottong
2. European Fertility Guide (English) Isabelle Ecochard
2.1. NFP and Breastfeeding Karin Turck  
3. Role of NFP Teachers in a changing world
(transl.LITH) (transl. RUSS.)
Eva Feketene
Tamas Martos
3.1 NFP Teaching and Training in the aspect of Family Life Preparation in Poland Hanna Ceranska-Goszczynska
4. NFP Services through computer software and web sites
(transl. RUSS) (transl. LITH)
Sigrun Peters,
Alexis Archambault,
Pierre Hernalsteen
4.1. NFP Online counselling Petra Klann-Heinen
4.2. The Sympto-Rule Harri Wettstein
5. Sex Education, sharing experience,
Aids prevention programmes for young people within a cultural and
traditional context
(transl. LITH) (trans. RUSS)
Tatjana Barras-Kubski
Colleen Norman
5.1. You and me, a wonder Martine Raick- van Egten
6.Preparation for Family Life: European experience
(transl. LITH) (transl RUSS)
Marie Kinle & Birute Obeleniene
6.1. Conditions and accompanying requirements for the practice
of successful and satisfying natural fertility regulation
Notker Klann
6.2 Curious of love or learning to open your eyes Beatrice Lassallette
7.Integrating NFP into University /Public sector Petra Frank Herrmann
16.30 – 18.00 (English) Mikaela Menarguez
8.Crisis pregnancy: short & long term abortion prevention
(transl. LITH) (transl. RUSS)
Michele Barbato,
Vijoleta Valantiejute
9.NFP and Infertility (English) Paola Pellicano,
Rene Ecochard
9.1.The Importance of Cycle Observation for Diagnosis and Therapy
and its role in Preventive Medicine
Karin Türck
10.Bioethical aspects of NFP & Assisted Reproductive Techniques
(transl. LITH) 14.30 – 16.00 (transl. RUSS)
Tamas Fekete
Agnes Sirinskiene
IEEF / EIFLE, 6 La Clairiere, 69540 Irigny, France