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2 Innovative Software application for sympto-thermal Data Recording
Yves Castonguay
Serena, Montreal, Canada

This presentation is about a software for the recording of cycle-related data. Technology-oriented, younger couple users often ask for this type of application.

After the date of the first day of the periods is entered, the calendar dates pertaining to the cycle days are displayed. Statistical data such as the duration of the previous cycles and information on cyclical infertility are also displayed.

This NFP Assistant will feature easy data recording, a pleasant interface and well-organised printouts of each cycle. Contextual help will also be available for the daily recording of symptoms and for the analysis of both fertile and infertile phases. Moreover, use of a PDA (personal digital assistant) will be possible. It will offer flexibility and mobility to the user (data can be entered anywhere, anytime).

Electronic mail has helped cross geographical barriers. Recording of fertility symptom data from a desktop or handheld computer as well as assistance from a monitoring couple via the Internet will be possible. Couples will have the possibility to email data regarding a cycle and obtain assistance from a monitoring couple.

A database structure for inter-organisational data sharing will also be presented. This may prove to be a real boon for research. Imagine all the cycle data in electronic form.

Phase II will see the addition of an interpretation module.

New technologies are getting increasingly popular. Let us profit from them. This new tool will support couples during the learning process following training on a NFP method.

3 The Importance of Cycle Observation for Diagnosis and Therapie and its Role in Preventive Medicine
Karin Türck
Chairman, INER prof. Dr. Rötzer e.V., Board Member EIFLE/IEEF, Germany
D-88400 Biberach

cycle observation as taught by Rötzerr (INER), with its emphasis on the fine points of mucus observation ö including the sensation of increased non-mucal signs of moisture coming from the vault of the vagina - is of immense importance in the field of female preventive medicine. Below some examples:

  1. Irregular cycles in young girls slowly develop into normal cycles. Rarely is hormonal treatment needed (Charts).
  2. Efficient cycles diagnosis in irregular cycles, in subfertility and pre-menopausal women would make many hormonal investigations unnecessary. If undertaken, they should be made according to individual cycle physiology. If, for example, progesterone treatment is prescribed, it is utmost importance that hormonal treatment reflects individual cycle physiology. (Charts)
  3. Before starting with complicated “infertility” investigations, the first step could be to instruct the woman in finding the optimum time for conception herself, using cervical examination. Another problem is false information still given in medical books explanation of when ovulation happens, for example in long cycles. Unfortunately, as a sad result of the "mid-cycle" story, the delivery date is wrongly calculated, and often, due to induced labour, a premature baby is artificially produced. (Charts).
  4. During menopause and breastfeeding (mainly the distinction of intermestrual bleeds from menstruation is of great benefit. (Charts).
  5. Surgical treatment for breast cancer during pre-menopause should be undertaken in the luteal phase only. This observation might be life saving!
  6. Also life saving might be the observation of certain signs in cycles that need treatment in order to prevent the possible development of cancer of the endometrium.

Correct cycle observation, according to Rötzer, as taught in INER, plays an important role not only in reproductive health, but also in general preventive medicine for women, thereby reducing the cost explosion in health services.

4 The Role and Function of Bioelements on Family Planning, Course of Pregnancy and Lactation
Ewa A. Slizien – Kuczapska
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Saint Sophie Maternity Hospital, Warsaw Poland

Mother and fatherhood is an act of mutual accomplishment of two loving people.

The new life is a fruit of their reciprocity. Its beginning depends a lot on themselves. Responsible, aware and planned parenthood is cardinal for healthy family.

Polish National Health Program (1996-2000) promotes improvement in population nutrition and quality of food.

It is very important to welcome parenthood in good psycho-physical well-being.

Many scientific researchers confirm that lack of bioelements in both parents may provide a threat to them and to their children.

Everyday life full of stress and hurry compromises our stores. This is accomplished by environmental pollution (pharmaceutical industry, precessed food).

The Nowadays biolab tests including hair, blood and 24h urine collection enable accurate contents of biolements and toxic metals. This way future parents can check their reserves.

This opens also the real perspectives to prevention and cure of many illnesses.

Deficit or improper correlation among bioelements can be noticed on the cellular level of many diseases. At this point role of Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron should be especially underlined.

I would like to present very interesting hypothesis of Magnesium Ischemia (Australia) which correlates with many serious pathology, for example.

Fertility problems

  • Spontaneous abortion
  • Premature labour
  • Premature rupture of membranes
  • Eclampsia
  • Gestational Diabetis
  • Anemia
  • IUGR (intra uterine growth retardation)
  • Hemorrhage during II and IV stage of labour
  • Impairment of lactation
  • LBW (low birth weight)
  • Congenital immuno-deficiency
  • Hyperactivity

It makes important prediction about perinatal morbidity and suggest that early supplementation might prevent much pregnancy induced diseases.

It is very important to spread this idea among people who are planning children and including those who has something to do with this (medical staff, NFP teachers).

We need more scientific researches on this field.

5 The use of the Menstrual Cycle Charting for the Early Diagnosis of Gynecological Disorders
Maria Szczawinska
Foundation PRO HUMANA VITA, Polish Association of NFP Teachers, Poland

The exact observation of the basic fertility factors i.e. basal body temperature (BBT), mucus, and cervix taken by women can be a valuable help and is often the first sign of hormonal disorders and women’s diseases and can be the starting point for future diagnosis.

It applies to the diagnosis of:

  • ovulation in typical and long biphasic cycle, which can be confirmed by ultrasonography,
  • cytology, measurement of progesteron or monophasic cycle (anovulatory-insufficiency of the corpus luteum: shortening of the luteal phase to less than 8-10 days or inadequate rise in BBT and then a subsequent fall after an appropriate length of time
  • assessment of the mucus symptom and early recognition of pathological states
  • miscarriages especially in early pregnancy
  • persistent of yellow body or yellow cyst
  • bleeding f. ex.: periovulatory spotting
  • stress which can cause the delay in ovulation or the monophasic cycle.

NFP can be a valuable help in responsible planning pregnancy after physical, mental and medical preparations and it makes easy to determine of delivery date from conception.

The knowledge of the basic fertility indicators is extremely important in the cases of subfertility, because it makes possible planned intercourse Therefore it is worthwhile to encourage patients to carry out self observations so tat they are aware of their of their natural fertility pattern so this can be used in medical practice.

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