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Acceptability (38) Some considerations on the Acceptability of Natural Family Planning (NFP) and the Behavior of the Couple during the Fertile Phase
(39) A Comparative Study on the Acceptance of Natural Family Planning (NFP)
(76) Questionnaire Study on the Knowledge and Acceptance of NFP in Hungary
AIDS prevention (70) Maternal Life Advocacy: The Interface of NFP, Emergency Obstetrical Care and AIDS Prevention
Billings Method (53) The Billings Ovulation Method in the United States
(54) Diagnostical - Preventive Value of billing Ovulation Method For Cervical-Vaginal Pathologies
(57) Hormone Monitoring in Special Situations of Women'S Reproductive Life in Billings Method Users
Breastfeeding (41) Cervical Mucus Pattern During and Post Breastfeeding
(42) Monitoring Infertility and Outcome on Fertility in Breastfeeding Women, Billings Method Users
(43) Categories of Cervical Secretions in Breastfeeding Women: How Much Specificity is Enough
(63) Sympto-Thermal Detection of Fertility Return after Delivery in 87 Mothers
(64) Breastfeeding and Return of Fertility
Cervical Mucus (13) Study of Different Mucus Types
(14) Ultrastructure of Estrogenic Subtypes of Cervical Mucus
(58) CA-125 Levels in Cervical Mucus: A Petential Marker of the Fertile Period
Crystallization (59) Saliva Cristallization Devices
Discontinuation Use (25) First Results of a Retrospective Analysis on Natural Family Flanning (NFP) Discontinuation
(26) Factors Influencing the Number of NFP Clients of the NFP Teachers
Education (32) "Alec and Sara" - Sex Education Program for Students Between 15 and 17 Years - Results of a Prospective Study Based on 1500 Students of Both Sexes
(33) "Happy Birthday" or How a Child Comes into Being
(35) Significance of Components of the Teen STAR Program
(47) Family Planning - Individual, Global and Ethical Aspects
(65) But How Will They be One Flesh?
(66) Fertility Awareness Education in Human Development
(71) Discussion School for Adolescents: the Corridonia Experience
(78) Adolescents and Natural Methods
Family Life Education (34) Family Life Education in Polish Schools
(68) Predjudices Against Natural Family Planning and the Ways of Coping With Them
(69) Constructivism in Family Life Education: An Attempt to Integrate NFP into Pedagogy of Families at University Level
Fecundability (16) Daily Fecundability Estimates and Their Application to fertility Regulation
(17) Variation in Fucundity in the Menstrual Cycle
Fertility Indicators (12) Objective Markers of Fertility (hormonal dosages, ultrasonography, etc) and Fertility Symptoms"
(15) Viability of Human Spermatozoa
Infertility (19) Gametes Aging Studies and its Impact on NFP Future
(22) Fertility Awareness and Infertility Treatment. An Integrated Diagnostic-Therapeutic Protocol for a Natural Approach to a Couple's Infertility
(23) Natural Family Planning (NFP) and Infertility: A Role in Selfcare and Adapted Treatment
(44) Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) Simulation According to Sympto-Thermal Charts
(74) Evaluatioin of the Post Partum Lactational Ymenorrehea Study
Menopause (6) Ovarian Changes During Aging
(7) Hormone Evolution Profile
(8) The Cycle Evolution of Women Aged 20 Years Old up to the Menopause
(9) The effect of age on the Average Length and Variability of the Pre-Ovulatory Phase of Women Above 35
(10) Family Planning From Pre-Menopause to Menopause: A Symptothermic Method Teacher's Experience
(11) Women's New Self-Appraisal During Menopause
Multicentric Study (50) Some Results of the European Multicentre-Study of Natural Family Planning
New Technologies (27) New Technologies to Detect the Fertile Period
(28) Evaluation of Fertile and Infertile Phases of the Menstrual Cycle According to the "CAMEN Sympto-thermal" and "PERSONA" Systems: Preliminary Data of an Italian Study
(29) Applicatioin of Brown's Wvarian Monitor as an Aid in Natural Family Planning.
(31) Psychological, Pedagogical and Relational Aspects in the Use of new Technologies for Autodiagnosis of the Fertile Period of the Cycle
(60) A comparative study of natural methods for measuring the length of fertil phase periods in women.
(61) Use of the Ovarian Brown Monitor for Follow-up in Ovulation Induction with Recombinant Follicule Stimulationg Hormone (Puregon)
(62) Practical NFP-Experience with Cyclotest®Users, Based on More Tan 45 Years Experience
NFP and Gynaecological disorders (3) The Importance of Cycle Observation for Diagnosis and Therapie and its Role in Preventive Medicine
(4) The Role and Function of Bioelements on Family Planning, Course of Pregnancy and Lactation
(5) The use of the Menstrual Cycle Charting for the Early Diagnosis of Gynecological Disorders
NFP promotion (45) The 3 Years Project in Promoting NFP in Guangzhou (China)
(46) Natural Family Planning in Latin America: An Informed Choice?
(49) "Concealed Body Language" - Ways of Using the Fertility Awareness Program for Women's Health Projects
(55) Natural Family Planning in Viet Nam: A New Method for This Country
(56) Project of cooperation Between CENPLAFAM and MHS (Municipal Health Service)
(67) The Way NFP Services Work in Cracow
(73) Two Year Experience Introducing NFP to University Students
(75) Polish Women's Attitudes Towards Fertility and Maternity
Post pill (24) Cycle Characteristics of NFP Users Comming off the Pill and Consequences for NFP Teacing
Sexual behaviour (18) Frequency of Intercourse Amoung Users of Natural Family Planning
(36) Psychological Aspects of Coupe Relationships - Prospective Study on 533 Men and Women: Partnership in the Scope of Sexuality and Fertility
(37) NFP vs. Other Forms of Contraception. A Study with Women in the Reproductive Age
Simplified NFP Methods (20) The Twoday Method of Family Planning: A simple New Approach
(21) A New Simplified Calendar-Based method of Natural Family Planning
Software for NFP (2) Innovative Software application for sympto-thermal Data Recording
(30) Computer Education System for NFP - English Version
Teaching aids (51) Rules of Recognition of a Fertile Phase in a Form of of Block Diagrams
(52) The Bead System of Natural Family Planning: Development and Methodology
Teaching NFP (72) Advantages and Disadvantages of the German NFP Teacher Training Program - Results of a 10 Year Prospective Study
(77) Evaluation of Counseling Activity of IRSeF Institue di Ricerca Sessualità Fecondità Istituto di Ricerca Sessulaità Fecondità of Pavia
(79) Curriculum Development: Natural Family Planning Teachers's Programme
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